Hi, my name is Marc with the None Of The Above Party, and I do realize I have little to no chance of winning.
I'm not rich. Nor do I have any rich friends or corporate sponsors funding my campaign. And my party, despite being the most democratic party out there (NOTA party website), sounds like a joke. But let me assure you, this is no joke.

I have decided to run now for two reasons:
1 - I have always felt that there should be a 'None Of The Above' option on the ballot. (Mission accomplished)
2 - I like the idea of solving problems democratically - without the interference of party politics or corporate influence.

Here are some of the cross-jurisdiction challenges I'd like to try and fix.
(In no particular order)

- Real electoral reform. (Proportional representation)
- End daylight savings time.
- Eliminate hospital parking fees for patients and their drivers.
- Churches will finally start paying taxes like everyone else.. because it's 2018.
- Make a monument to the real Jack Purcell. (Read more about this Ottawa Centre tragedy here)
- $7/day childcare. (*just like Quebec)
- Allow beer in grocery and corner stores. (*just like Quebec)
- Allow open alcohol containers and cannabis smoking in parks, and along the rivers and canals. (End the nanny state)
- Tax credits to any businesses that want to build a rooftop patio.
- More direct democracy, more referendums, and more of your input on what happens.. because it's 2018.

- Introduce an anonymous 'Government Stupid Spending' tip-line to report wasteful spending.
- Ban wasteful single use plastics. (straws, stir sticks, plastic bags, packaging, utensils, tiny cups)
- Cut hydro bills 40% by bringing Hydro One back in public hands, and working with solar energy companies.
- Limit all government contracts to 5 years with options to renew (to avoid 20 year green bin contract with Orgaworld).
- Change insolvency and bankruptcy laws, so that companies like Nortel and Sears can no longer cut and run on their Canadian employees.
- Teach kids about taxes, money management, alternative political systems, and fundamental problems with Capitalism, materialism, consumerism, and why prioritizing profit over people's health, privacy, and well-being, is bad for society.
- Introduce more clean energy initiatives and incentives and aggressively fight climate change.
- Create a 'Charter of Online Rights and Freedoms', the right to online privacy, and an end to metadata surveillance.

But that's not all!

- I will put a cap on property tax increases, gas spikes, Payday Loans shops, and banking / ATM fees.
- Cap Crown corporation CEO and executive salaries, performance pay, and bonuses.
- Provide pharmacare, dental care and vision care for everyone for all Ontarians.
- Offer a tax rebate to those who vote.
- Lower the voting age to 16.
- Put this solid Sparks Street 'RED LIGHT District' revitalization plan to a referendum. (click here to learn more about this)
- Prioritize the Prince of Wales Bridge for provincial infrastructure funding, remove the fence, and hang a sign that says 'Use at your own risk'.
- Remove the Preston Street Bambini Spoonhead Sculptures at Gladstone (because they're terrible).
- Increase funding to the arts, art festivals, outdoor murals, and hand out way more busking permits.
- Work with the community to create an indoor BMX bike and skateboarding facility.
- More bike lanes.
- Pop up pubs along the canal.
- Public BBQs and pizza ovens in most major parks.
- Make statues of Remi Royale and China Doll.
- Make the 401 more like Germany's autobahn.
- Bring the worlds largest internet cat video festival to Ottawa. (more about it here)

If you're tired of the same old partisan politics and refuse to support the status quo, consider voting None Of The Above, and together we can start building a healthier democracy that helps everyone - not just the wealthy and well-connected.


Do you have good ideas for Ottawa Centre? I'm listening!

Send them in, and they may just end up happening.




More about the None Of The Above Party.

​Voters need tools to better control how we nominate local candidates, formulate major party policies and elect people to represent us who will have to keep their promises or be held accountable, long before the next election.

The NOTA Party campaigns for the 3Rs of Direct Democracy – Referendum, Recall and Real electoral and legislative Reforms that give voters control of politicians and parties. Candidates are accountable to their constituents and there are no central party policies or controls of elected MPPs beyond the binding Direct Democracy principles.

“There is another option for people who want a choice other than to vote for any of the big party candidates or to give up their right to cast a secret ballot by having to publicly decline their ballots, a choice that makes their vote count for real change.”

None of the Above is part of a worldwide movement of new and independent parties and candidates campaigning for direct democracy and voter empowerment policies supported by voters and non-voters alike.
The None of the Above Direct Democracy Party of Ontario has a candidate list that is filling up with competent people that could effectively run the Ontario government.

If elected we would start by asking the best MPP’s from all parties to join our Cabinet while allowing them to sit with the parties who elected them. We would change the partisan party-based for system of politicking forever in Ontario in one term.

In the first 100 days we would pass every Bill where there is agreement or consensus among most MPPs from all the parties elected. Then within the first six months we will send out a plebiscite information package on everything proposed by the government and its opposition, to voters who must to reply within 30 days for the House to consider. We will consult experts.

We will spend the next six months passing Bills with the most public and MPP support from the parties in the house. From then on NOTA would allow referendum, plebiscites or recall to decide everything else that we would pass using our majority.

“The major parties have rigged the rules for $millions in campaign and vote subsidies in their favour, but if just two percent of people in the 2018 election voted for NOTA Party candidates, we would qualify for some basic subsidies that would allow us to grow and bring about the positive change we need.”

“Talk about every vote counting, people in Ontario finally get to vote their principles and have it really matter.”