PRESS RELEASE - March 28, 2018

Ruined Landscapes by Marc Adornato at the Diefenbunker Museum

Ottawa Citizen - Ottawa artist's disaster 'hacks' of older paintings finds fresh shelter at the Diefenbunker museum.

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APT 613 - The Hacking Will Continue Until Environmental Policies Improve

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What: Exhibition of a dozen Ruined Landscapes paintings and the Ruined Landscapes 24-page, limited edtion, book release.
Vennissage-Opening party
: Thursday, April 5th, 7-9pm
Exhibition dates: April 5 > July 15, 2018
Admission: Bunker admission fees apply.
Where: The Diefenbunker Museum, 3929 Carp Rd, Carp, ON (MAP)

About the exhibition and book launch:

Ruined Landscapes is a painting series by Ottawa artist, Marc Adornato (
In this exhibit, Adornato takes a dozen vintage landscape paintings, mostly found in thrift stores, flea markets, and on kijiji, and then 'hi-jacks' them, adding truck roll-overs, train derailments, and oil tankers run aground. He also paints in white-suited hazmat cleanup teams in every painting, cleaning up the toxic messes.

Artist statement:
One hundred years ago, Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven artists made a name for themselves painting the pristine Canadian landscape. One hundred years later, I am creating contemporary artwork that reflects the new Canadian landscape. I embody Marshall McLuhan's phrase "the medium is the message" by ruining other people's landscape paintings with toxic accidents.

Ruined Landscapes is a painting series whereby I 'hijack' vintage, mass-produced, Bob Ross-style landscape paintings found in thrift stores and antique shops, and I paint in hazmat cleanup crews and man-made environmental disasters. Many of the painting titles are appropriated from actual news headlines from real accidents that have occurred in Canada. Train derailments, fuel truck rollovers, oil tankers running aground, and illegal chemical dumping are just some of the toxic disasters reflected in these truly Canadian landscape paintings.

The Ruined Landscapes book launch: Adornato will also be releasing his first self-published art catalogue. This is a limited edition, 24-page, full colour art book featuring most of the hacked paintings he has made to date. It also tells the story of how the painting series came to be.
* It can be purchased at the Diefenbunker or through his website.

The Diefnbunker Landscape painting: There will be a few new hacked paintings including HMCS Calgary leaks 30,000 litres of fuel into the Strait of Georgia (below) that was actually found in the Diefenbunker (circa 1960). Adornato was given the painting by bunker staff to hack, and he then returned it back into the bunkers possesion.

HMCS Calgary leaks 30,000 litres of fuel into the Strait of Georgia by Marc Adornato, 2018. Courtesty of the Diefenbunnker Museum.

To view more paintings in this series check out this link : More Ruined Landscapes

Self-portrait of Marc Adornato in the Diefenbunker Museum blast tunnel. Photo is free to use.
Concept and photo authoring: Adornato 2018. camera tech: Creativision.

About the Artist:
Marc Adornato (1977 - not dead yet)

Adornato (BFA, NSCAD) is a Canadian contemporary artist, satirist, reformed antique hoarder, and occasional shit-disturber. His provocative art practice usually consists of sharp socio-political critique, with themes of wealth inequality, terrorism, state surveillance, technology, pollution, and plagiarism - with a hint of dystopian sarcasm or dark humour. Adornato explores a wide range of mediums and disciplines including painting, sculpture, assemblage, performance, ready-mades, video, and sound.

"I don't have stylistic loyalty. That's why people perceive me changing all the time. But there is a real continuity in my subject matter." - Adornato

He received a degree in Fine Arts from NSCAD University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Bragging rights over the past decade include exhibits in the Canadian War Museum, the Bank of Canada's Currency Museum, the Ottawa Art Gallery, the Canada Science and Technology Museum, and the Diefenbunker Museum. His work resides in the permanent art collections of the City of Ottawa, the Diefenbunker Museum, as well as several private and celebrity collections in Canada and abroad.

More about the Artist here

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"Collecting samples after the Mount Polley tailings pond breach" by Marc Adornato, 2016


"Fortunately, this wasn't another Lac-M├ęgantic #1." by Marc Adornato, 2016

"Gas tanker rolls over on highway near Calgary, spilling 25,000 litres into wetlands" by Marc Adornato, 2016



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